Welcome to Food Historian

Foodhistorian.com was established in Fall 2008 as a fun, self-directed project combining of three of my favorite things:

1. engaging technology,
2. hands-on learning, and
3. cooking/food.

I hope it delights and entertains you and leads to some top notch cookery in your very own kitchen.

I also hope that it encourages you to become your own, self-appointed family food historian on a mission to capture your own recipes, memories, traditions and history - all surrounding great food.

This is a professional "fork in the road" undertaking for me and it serves as an entertaining techno play ground to learn and experiment. The focus of this particular project - food historian - is to explore how to use network and computer technology to collect, preserve and share recipes (handwritten and electronic), cook's notes, meal memoirs and photos as a means of documenting our lives, tracking our traditions and preserving our history.

This site combines the talent of many, the technology of Drupal, Macintosh, iPhone and the internet, some fairly simple techniques, patience galore, and a love of great food.

Welcome to foodhistorian.com and bon appetit!
This site is dedicated to my Mother, Elise Clickner.

Trina Clickner