Collaborative Christmas Cookbook For Sam, 2008




Dear Sam,

Merry Christmas 2008 from your devoted Jazzercise students!

This is a snapshot of 35 favorite recipes from some of your favorite Florida fitness fans as of December 24, 2008.

It is an ongoing effort that can be expanded upon and augmented, as time and taste buds permit. It is also available online at - look under Collaborative Christmas Cookbook for Sam.

Please enjoy our first collection of hand selected, culinary favorites that includes temptations such as:

  • "Julie's Trust Me" Margaritas
  • "Paula's Kickass Coleslaw" and
  • "Barbara's WHOOPIE pies".

Thanks for keeping us fit so we may indulge in more of our favorites!

We adore you!

Your Devoted Jazzercise Students
at the Countryside Recreation Center