OLD FASHIONED DINERS - how one thing leads to another

The local diner was - and still is - the place for hearty, 24/7 breakfasts, quick but wholesome, down-home lunches, after-school snacks and family dining with a hearty and healthy choice for family members of all ages.

Home-cooked comfort food, friendly, personal service, the soda fountain, over-the-top, sky-high desserts and the round-the-clock kitchen continue to delight diner lovers as they gather even today.

Is there an old fashioned diner near you?

Here is an article from Spring 2012 on diners - see it on the Lawrenceville Patch site.

Thanks to foodhistorian.com, I get occasional calls from writers on a food assignments. Hello there, how nice, and what fun - it encourages me to spend a day or so researching some usually very yummy topic.

Then I spend a day getting all insecure about it (research always does that to me - it overwhelms me with what more there is to know), I prepare my report or complete my telephone interview, and then, within a week or two, an article is produced with a quote from me. How nice is that?