This is the one recipe I included in my book, "A Miscellany of Garlic" - it is a long-time favorite that has traveled across the US and across the world.

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While it would have been wonderful to have had the page space and the time to test and include all of the recipes for our favorite dishes mentioned here, it just wasn’t possible. However, the following essential, life-changing recipe can’t be omitted and I would be remiss as an author and garlic lover if I did not include this one. This healthy garlic salad dressing is so easy it’s ridiculous, and you’ll come out smelling like a hero of the stinking rose.

Healthy Garlic Salad Dressing

About This Recipe
My friend Brigitte Fox a registered dietician. She is also a health nut, not because she wants to be, but because she has to be. Brigitte has food allergies and spent many years and many thousands of dollars discovering the simple truth that is now the key to her wellness. Simply stated - eat foods as close to their natural form as possible and make sure that you can identify everything you put in your mouth. This recipe is a derivation of Brigitte's salad dressing and it has become a garlicky favorite for literally all of my friends. Everyone who eats it will inevitably ask, “What’s in this?” and then they are amazed by its simplicity. This recipe has made its way from California to Michigan, from New York to Seattle, and it has headed on down to Florida, too. Please try it, make it your own, and pass it along so that your friends can love it, too!

Some canola oil
A few cloves of fresh garlic
Lots of salt
Lots of ground black pepper
A few thinly sliced fresh tomatoes
A few thinly sliced fresh red, yellow or orange peppers
A handful or two of raisins, dried cherries, fresh grapes or any fresh, sweet fruit (optional)
A handful or two of toasted or candied nuts.

Make the dressing in a wooden salad bowl if you can. My wooden salad bowl has the distinct honor of being known as “the magic salad bowl” amongst the girlfriends, but I have also made it in a glass bowl and it still tastes great. Prepare the dressing an hour or so ahead of eating time and just let it sit in the bowl while you prepare the rest of the meal. This lets the juices from the tomatoes, peppers, and fruits flavor the oil. Wash and tear your favorite lettuce or salad greens ahead of time but toss them in at the very last minute, right before you eat, so the lettuce is fresh and crisp. Toss thoroughly and add the nuts! Serve with warm, fresh French bread.

1. Pour canola oil into the bottom of the wooden salad bowl.
2. Crush garlic cloves into oil.
3. Add a generous amount pepper.
4. Add a generous amount salt.
5. Mix thoroughly with wooden spoon, holding bowl at an angle to form a pool of oil and spices.
6. Add thinly sliced tomatoes.
7. Add thinly sliced pepper rings.
8. Mix again, coating vegetables thoroughly with oil.
9. Season with additional salt and pepper to taste.
10. Add raisins, dried cherries, grapes or diced fresh fruit.
11. Mix thoroughly again.
12. Let sit while you prepare the rest of the meal.
13. Add red leaf or butter lettuce immediately before serving so that the lettuce stays crisp.
14. Toss thoroughly.
15. Toss in most of the nuts and toss again.
16. Sprinkle with remaining nuts.
17. Enjoy!

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